3D ‘weather maps’ to increase data centre energy efficiency at TelecityGroup

TelecityGroup and Van Schaik Innovation Handling sign agreement regarding acoustic measuring device EnoTemp

Amsterdam, Eindhoven, 3 July 2008. Leading European data centre provider TelecityGroup has signed a contract with Eindhoven based Van Schaik Innovation Handling. EnoTemp, a mobile unit, will be used to visualize air streams and heat release at all of TelecityGroup’s Amsterdam data centres. These measurements enable TelecityGroup to arrange the best possible cooling operations and advise its clients on the most energy-efficient setup of their equipment. Another benefit is that sudden temperature rises can be detected a lot quicker and analysed in 3D format afterwards. IT technicians will therefore be able to prevent equipment shutting down due to overheating. TelecityGroup expects substantial savings in terms of energy and costs by operating the EnoTemp.

EnoTemp measures air temperatures, air speed and humidity with sound (sound moves faster through warm air) and processes the details in a 3D profile of the space. This profile can be played in AVI or MPEG via short climate recordings (comparable to live weather maps on the news showing high and low pressure areas). EnoTemp processes air speeds from 0.001 m/s and delivers extremely fast and precise measurements. Eighteen months ago the acoustic measuring device was introduced, amongst others, to glasshouse horticulture and is now successfully applied to save costs and energy in that industry.

Jeroen Schlosser, Operations Director of TelecityGroup says, “We are always looking for innovative new technologies to maximise the energy efficiency of TelecityGroup data centres. In our particular sector, however, until now precise measuring equipment has not been available. The solution by Van Schaik Innovation Handling, which is already being used in the horticultural sector, sounded so promising we contacted them as soon as we discovered it. After testing EnoTemp ourselves, we expect that we and our customers will benefit considerably from this device. In addition to this new initiative, we will continue to investigate innovative technologies that can both save costs and increase the energy efficiency of our data centres.”

Wilhelm van Schaik, CEO of Van Schaik Innovation Handling, says: “Our climate conservation measuring equipment can be used in many different ways. For example in greenhouses, but also in laboratories, breweries and data centres. We are very glad that forward-thinking companies such as TelecityGroup are actively taking the initiative to innovate with our unique technology to explore how it can be adapted to the data centre market. We are very happy to be working with them to maximise the energy efficiency of their data centres."

About Innovation Handling
Innovation Handling is an R&D enterprise that specialises in innovative and very precise acoustic measuring equipment. Innovation Handling is located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands on one of Philips' former industrial grounds. In 2007, the enterprise reached number 17 on the Bizz 100 list of the most innovative companies in the Netherlands.

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